Many ways are available online to make money, Legal – Illegal, but from a blog or website, that makes the difference. One could sell ads, get sponsorships for content and work with various content partners. There are also options for shopping online or using affiliate links for sending the reader some other persons business. And finally the subscription model where the users need to pay to read your content.

However, these won’t be going in your way unless people are coming towards your site. So the Best Online Advertising strategy for making money is based on the number of people reading your content or visiting your website. That is when you focus on Search Engine Optimization.

Definition –

Whenever we Google anything, Google algorithm works by choosing the posts and stories which has answers to the questions. SEO focuses on understanding these algorithms that Google uses and makes all the obvious things Google is looking for to give results faster. So the search engine doesn’t dig into every page but directly sees through these exaggerating websites or blogs and presents on the top of the list.

So how does it matter?

Getting results out of Social media is also a way of reaching higher results in a quicker time, but it is not enough. What search engine results can benefit is many, like –

  1. Google has the highest searches all across the globe. So a fraction of the total population is enough for successful business.
  2. Optimized content ranking on top is real and relevant. A Facebook post or a Tweet may get skipped over but a Google post can last for months without a glitch. Secondly, there are no limits too for ranking your posts high on any search engine.

So, we now know that SEO is important, but what all things Top Search Engine Optimization companies do to optimize the content and rank high?

  1. Make you post optimized – Search Engines are more about just words, they considers the factors like consistency and quality of speed and authority. There are other factors too, such as –
    1. Speed – Running fast is possible and is necessary to stay in the business. The users are most prone to leaving the website when they are slow.  Increasing the speed means increasing the conversion rate and downloads. First thing is to optimize the images, half of the website’s speed is dependent on the size of images. What one can do is decrease the size of the image without damaging the quality.
    2. Authority – It is highly important to have trust in the website. How long people have been coming up to your website and create content will trust your website.
  2. Keywords Usage – Using Keywords in the content is most important. You have to help search engines by predicting what the people will search. Best Online Advertising is focused on giving a higher rank for the website as the search engine will find it to the top of the list.
  3. Talk to people directly – Search engines jams short article anything less than 300 words as it has no relevancy and they are just keywords filled to advertise. So it is better to make a good article those are rich in content and has loads of knowledge for the customers to know about. This will be ranked organically by the search engine without much of detailing requirement.
  4. Share the posts everywhere – It is now a good deal you wrote a relevant content, spreading the word is next step. You need to share it as many people as much you can through bookmarking. Use social media, post the post links in the groups and communities to let them also know about your content. Increasing the connection is also important for the fact, as many number of people in your connections, that many number of people are about to see your content.

Published by GPC Infotech

GPC Infotech is a prime Website development Services provider and working on the Web development services for more than half a decade and executed many projects throughout the tenure. We have new concepts and strategies for each project and work with the ease of enjoying the job to ultimately finish it. Various techniques and Tools are used to build up a Website like Sketch, Faunt, Flare, Adobe XP, many more are few where our experts are certified. Our Web Development Services are setting benchmark for many other companies and progressively improving every passing day with relevant opportunities been put up to us.

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